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Birch: the natural solution for your skin problems: Psoriasis, Acne, ringworm and dandruff.

Psoriasis, due to his recurring character, invasive and persistent, is extremely difficult to live for people who suffer from it. People with this chronic conditions are too often victims of social exclusion and depressive state. Now with the Russian oil * (essential oil of birch pitch) and the Siberian Chaga * (food supplement), is no longer inevitable.

The Russian oil is also suitable for other skin problems: associated with our SOAP and our shampoo, it is very effective to relieve acne, fungus and dandruff.

* Products 100% natural, unique in France.

Our site is not a medical site, and we cannot, as such, establish a diagnosis about your / your skin (s) problem. Only a doctor or dermatologist is empowered to do.The Russian oil, which is not a drug, is mainly recommended in the relief of the symptoms of psoriasis. DO NOT SWALLOW.
Before starting the daily applications of the Russian oil, it is strongly recommended to do a test of tolerance, by applying the product on a small area of the skin. In case of allergic reaction stop applications. The Russian oil is contraindicated during periods of inflammation acute psoriasis (the Siberian Chaga is recommended).  


All our products are made from Siberian Birch. They are :
100% natural and tested under dermatological control in Russia.

Discover the Russian oil and other products of care and well-being for skin.



Birch, also known as the Tree of Life, is a symbol of wisdom, purity and renewal. The Nordic
peoples have integrated it into their culture and have a deep admiration for it. Since the
dawn of time, its many virtues accompany these people. Bark, leaves, buds, sap: everything
is precious at home !

These different approaches made it possible to extract the countless benefits of birch over

In Russia, its curative properties are also widely recognized and used for centuries, where
birch bark essential oil (also known as Russian oil) is offered by dermatologists. Similarly,
the Siberian Chaga is part of traditional Russian natural healing. These products help fight
against skin problems such as psoriasis, acne, and other skin conditions.


Russian oil

Russian oil The Russian Oil (essential oil of birch pitch), will allow you to relieve and permanently eradicate your psoriasis (98.4% success in 4 weeks of use!)

For 2/3 of the people who have used it, the disappearance of psoriasis on the skin has been total. For 1/3 of them, the improvement was significant. See the results >>> icon-eye

Une durée de 3 à 6 mois de rémission totale, voire plus, est constatée.

To date, it is undoubtedly the most effective natural product and especially, with the least side effects, unlike many traditional treatments. Russian Oil is an exceptionally pure product. She followed an extreme purification process.

It is the only oil of this type certified, which makes it a unique product, even in Russia.
100% natural product. Without adding any substance.

We wished to reconstitute a knowledge base on this natural care and this ancestral Russian know-how, because it is too precious to forget it. We have collected on this site, at the same time medical studies of different times and different countries, but also referenced the testimonies of the concrete benefits of this oil.

Russian oil (essential oil of birch pitch) is also very effective in healing other skin issue, notably acne, mycoses and dandruff. For acne, you must use a diluted version such as our soap, which contain 15% Russian Oil. It is the only soap in Russia that contains this dosage.

Voir la page “Other skin problems”.


See the page “ Russian oil”


The solution of Russian oil is quick effective free of added substance to sustainably control your psoriasis.

The Siberian Chaga


Chaga is a mushroom that grows extraordinary vertus.

Extract of Siberian Chaga allows you to detox the body and minimise the look of psoriasis.

Research into new treatments for the fight against psoriasis done by the Dermatology clinic of Brest Oblast, Russia have looked into this mushroom, which is already well known for its theoriputal vertus.

The results of the use of Chaga for psoriasis is around 9 to 12 weeks of continuous use. Regular use of Chaga will maintain a complete disappearance of your psoriasis without any other treatments.. See results

The relief from psoriasis with the natural extracts of Chaga allows you to a long period of remission, without any other treatments or medicine. 

Without any side effects, this grandmother type remedy has been used for over 200 hundred years, here in Russia.

The complex chromogenic makeup of our Chaga extract of which there is 57%, which is the highest concentration found on the market.

100% natural and free of added substance.

 See the page : “The Siberian Chaga” .

Food supplement ideal to Russian Oil beneficial for your health


They tested the Russian oil with efficiency, they show…

Jean-Louis : « I learned the existence of the Russian oil by Christian, who had shown me the results he had achieved on his elbows. I was disappointed by the conventional treatments that did not result, with often a lot of side effects. I use the product for 5 weeks, well following the advice of application. The result was amazing! I don’t understand why this product has always been known in Russia,has not been put on sale in France. »

You also send us pictures of your psoriasis disappeared and get 25% discount on your order !

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