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Birch, also called ‘Tree of life’, is a symbol of wisdom, purity, and renewal.

The Nordic peoples have integrated in their culture and him have a deep admiration. So much so that it became “national tree” in Russia and Finland.

Since the dawn of time, its many virtues are exploited by men. Bark, leaves, buds,and SAP: Home everything is precious !

Pioneer tree, it is synonymous with renewal. Settling on freshly liberated land, it helps to enrich the soil and create the shadow needed for germination of other species.

Birch (sacred tree), and man.

This cult European white birch by the Nordic peoples, revealed in him, over time,significant benefits. Thus, its leaves rich in vitamin C and potassium have a diuretic effect that promotes the elimination of waste. It is the olivier of the North,the national tree of the Russia where it is called the “well of the people”, because it gives the heat, light and, of course, care through its SAP..

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In Northern Europe (Scandinavia, Baltic, Siberia), birch bark, braided into strips,was used in the campaign to make shoes called lapti (лапти)
in Russia. Still in Russia, she has also served as a writing material.

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Birch (magic tree) and its therapeutic virtues

Today, its virtues are also widely recognized and used in Russia, where oil of birchbark is highly recommended by dermatologists. This oil allows to fight against the skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, acne and other conditions skin.Similarly, the Chaga mushroom, which draws all of its nutrients from the birch, it absorbs and concentrates, is a powerful antioxidant which stimulates the immune system and protects the cells to help maintain the healthy body and a body healthy.

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Background and etymology

Birches  are part of the family and the betulaceae Betula kind. Most of the species are trees; some, such as Betula nana, are the chamaephytes.

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